Report a Problem with a Snapshot Question

Edmodo is committed to providing high quality standards-aligned questions in Snapshot. All questions have gone through a vetting process and have been tested for validity and reliability. However, sometimes mistakes happen - if you find an error in a question, you (as a teacher) are able to flag that question, which disables it for your students, and submits it to Edmodo for review.

Once you flag a question, it’s instantly removed from the bank of questions your students will see when you assign a Snapshot on that Standard. The question is also then sent to Edmodo for review. If we find an error, we will disable the question for all teachers until it can be fixed.

Leaving a detailed reason for flagging your question will help us understand how to best improve the question. You can flag a question in the following places:

While previewing questions when creating a Snapshot

  1. Click “Student Preview” to view all questions on a Snapshot. Or, click the “eye” icon on a standard’s card to view four questions for that specific standard.
  2. In the top right hand corner of the Preview screen, see the “Flag” button.

On the “Students Report

  1. Click a colored square for a student/standard to view their questions for that standard.
  2. Click “Flag” in the upper right hand corner.

Note: When flagging Snapshot Questions, be aware of the number you flag; it is possible to disable an entire standard if the amount of questions available drops below 4.