Student Growth Reports

Teachers can now access student growth reports that show a student's progress over the course of multiple Snapshots. The data is also exportable and printable, allowing teachers to download and manipulate it, or print it out and show it off! To learn about viewing growth reports for all students on a specific standard, see here.

To view the student growth report:

  1. Launch Snapshot and access the "Students Report."
  2. Click an individual student's name on the left.
  3. Select the grade level and subject for which you wish to view data.

Once in the report, you can do the following:

View the performance history for individual standards:  

  1. Click on a category of standards at the bottom of the report.  
  2. A window will pop up that shows the number of times a student has been assessed on each standard, and how they performed on each attempt. You can quickly see their progress on each standard over time.
  3. Hover over a colored square to see the date and title of each Snapshot the student took.
  4. Note: Before drilling down to historical performance, the colored squares at the bottom of the report represent most recent performance.

View the cumulative history for all standards in a specific subject and grade level:

The graph depicts every Snapshot a student has taken for the selected subject and grade level. The percentages reflect the percentage of all available standards for a grade level and subject. Hover over a point in time on the graph to see what percent of all available standards the student is meeting. For example, if you have 5th grade math selected, and it says "Meets 20%" that means that the student is meeting 20% of all available 5th grade math standards. Look for the green squares at the bottom of the report to see exactly which standards they are meeting.

Print the data:

  1. Click the "Print" button.
  2. Select the standards that you wish to see on the printable report and click "Print."
  3. Tun on "Background colors and images" on the print settings to see the colors on the Report.  
  4. Note: The background setting is different on different browsers. On Safari, you must click "Show Details" then "Print backgrounds."

Export the data to a CSV file: 

  1. Click the "Export" button.
  2. Select the standards that you wish to export.
  3. Click "Export."
  4. A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.