Print and Export Snapshot Data

You can now print and export your Snapshot data, allowing you to download and manipulate it, or print it out and show it off! This will provide the historical data for all Snapshots taken by an individual student, or by all students on a specific standard. You can do this from the Students Report or the Standards Report.

To export or print data for an individual student (all standards):

  1. Navigate to the Students Report.
  2. Click a student's name to load their individual report.
  3. Click the "print" or "export" icons on the top right. 

To export or print data for all students (a specific standard):

  1. Navigate to the Standards Report.
  2. Click on the "doughnut" for a specific standard to load the performance history.
  3. Click the "print" or "export" icons on the bottom right.

Students Report:



Standards Report: