What Is Snapshot?

A free micro-assessment tool built into Edmodo, Snapshot lets you regularly gauge student progress so you can quickly and easily personalize learning and close learning gaps. Featuring thousands of standards-questions for grades 3-12 Math and ELA, including Common Core and other state standards, all you have to do is pick your standard(s); Snapshot takes care of the rest by automatically creating a quiz for your students.

Great for warm ups, comprehension checks, or exit tickets, you decide when and where to use Snapshot in your classroom. Students can take a Snapshot online, or through an Android or Windows 8 tablet or phone (teachers can create and view the results of Snapshots on those devices too). Once completed, Snapshot automatically scores each micro-assessment and delivers real-time, visual results and recommendations. Feedback is organized and prioritized by student and standard, so you can see where students are mastering concepts and identify where there’s room for improvement.