View Snapshot Reports (iPad)

As a teacher, you can access your Snapshot Reports on the iPad app to view your students' performance on the standards you’ve assessed with Snapshot. Viewing the Reports is easy, and provides the insights you need to ensure your students are mastering the Common Core or other state standards.

View the Snapshot Reports:

  1. Tap “Snapshot” in the left navigation window.
  2. You will see the Focus Report, where you can:
    • Filter by Group, grade level, and subject near the top of the screen.
    • View an Overview of your students’ performance and the number of standards you’ve assessed.
    • View the 3 standards with most room for improvement under “Opportunities
    • Tap a standard to access the Standard Report.
    • Tap a student to access an individual’s Student Report.

Standard Report: The Standard Report is great for informing whole-class instruction; it shows you how all of your students are performing on a given standard

  1. Tap a standard to view the Standard Report.
  2. View which students fall in to each performance category.
  3. Tap the performance categories near the top of the screen to filter by category.
  4. Tap a standard at the top of the screen, or swipe left or right, to view a different Standard Report.
  5. Tap an individual student to view the Student Report.

Student Report: The Student Report is great for reviewing with a student 1 on 1; it shows how an individual performed on each standard, and their exact questions and answers.

  1. Tap an individual student to view the Student Report.
  2. View the questions and answers for the most recently assigned Snapshot the student took on the standard selected above.
  3. Swipe down on a question to view a student's answer. Swipe right on the question to view the next question. 
  4. Tap a standard at the top of the screen to view the report for a different standard.
  5. Tap “All” to view all standards, or “Borderline and Behind” to only see the standards a student is borderline or behind on.

Next Steps: Learn about other Snapshot features here.  

Report Overview:  

Standard Report:


Student Report