Create a Snapshot (iPad)

You can now create a quick, four-question Snapshot using the Edmodo iPad app! Great for creating an assessment on-the-fly in class, the Snapshot maker on the iPad app enables you to create a one-standard Snapshot and assign it to your Group in less than a minute. Use it to get an instant snapshot of your students' understanding. Here is how you create a Snapshot from your iPad app:

  1. Tap "Snapshot" in the left navigation panel.
  2. Tap "Create" on the right of the top toolbar.
  3. Select a Group, grade level, and subject. The grade level and subject will be auto-populated from the Group Settings if you have set them up.
  4. Select a standard. Tap a recommended standard to select it, or search for a standard with the standard name, code, or topic, then tap the standard.
  5. Adjust the name and time limit.
  6. Tap "Assign Now."

A four question Snapshot on the standard you selected will be sent out to your students! Your students can easily take the Snapshot on an iPad, Android device, or computer. You can review the results on an iPad, Android device, or computer, too. Snapshot works across devices.