How Students Take a Snapshot (Android)

Once a teacher has assigned a Snapshot to a Group, students in the Group can easily take the Snapshot using the Edmodo Android app or web browser. Taking a Snapshot on the Android is simple:

  1. Locate the Snapshot Post in Latest Posts or the Class's Stream.
  2. Tap the "View Snapshot" button on the bottom of the Snapshot Post.
  3. Tap the green "Start Your Snapshot" button.
  4. Work through the questions presented by selecting your answer and tapping "Next Question"; remember you can not go back to a question you have already answered.
  5. Tap "Return to Edmodo" after the last question to go back to the app.

Note: When taking on a web browser, students will be able to see which standards they did and did not master. The teacher can view the exact questions a student answered on the Reports page.

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