Reply to Posts as a Parent (Android App)

The Edmodo for Parents Android app allows parents to stay more involved in their child's classroom by providing the ability for Parents to reply to Posts sent to them from Teachers.

  • When can Parents Reply to Posts? Parents can reply if the Post has been sent to Parents only (i.e. students are not also recipients of the Post.) If you see "Comments Disabled" this means that the post was sent to the Students in the Class and, therefore, you cannot reply to that post.
  • Who will see the Replies? Parent replies will be visible by the Teacher who sent the Post, and all other Parents who received the Post. Think of your Replies like a "reply all" on an email. This can be a great way for Teachers to answer common questions from Parents, and for Parents to communicate with each other.
  • How do Parents Reply? Just tap the Post, and you'll see a field to type and send your Reply.
  • Can I send a private message? Use the "Messaging" tab in the bottom navigation menu from your app to send a direct, private message to your connected child or their Teachers.