What You Can See on Your Parent Account (iPhone App)

We are excited to introduce the new iPhone app for Parent accounts. Designed to immediately show you what you need to know: this application puts the most important information front and center so that you can stay in the loop and help your student reach their full potential.

How do you sign up?

If you received an invitation from your student, you can sign up with that email address and instantly be connected to your student's account. Alternatively, you will need to ask your student for their unique Parent Code, or have them enter their credentials during your sign up process. By associating with your student's student account, you will automatically see information from the Group/Class they have joined on Edmodo.

What will you be able to see or do from your account?

  • Group/Class Activity: In this section you can see Posts. Any Notes sent to your student's Groups/Classes will be seen in this section, unless the teacher has chosen to hide all Posts from Parents.




What's Due: All Quizzes, Assignments, and Events can be found in this section. Tap on the "Upcoming" section to view upcoming deadlines from your students classes. Tap on the "Completed" section to view Assignments and Quizzes your student has already submitted. You can view their grades in this section as well.





Messages : You can now send direct, private messages to your connected students or their teachers using the messaging option on the bottom navigation menu. You can also see the messages sent between your student and their teacher, but you cannot respond in those conversations.





Settings: Access the settings page, by clicking on the Settings Icon in the upper left corner of the screen. From there you can view all of your students, as well as edit your profile and notification settings. 




Multiple Students?

To scroll/switch between students in the iOS parent app, please swipe left in the middle of the page, not at the top of the page near the dots. Please note that the dots under your students’ name are not buttons. They are only meant to help you keep track of which students’ profile you are viewing.