What's Due and Class Activity (iPhone App)

In your Parent account, you have two views: What's Due and Class Activity. Navigate between the two views by tapping the icons on the bottom of the screen.

You will see different information in each view:

  • Class Activity: Any Notes sent to your child's Groups, unless the Teacher has chosen to hide all Posts from Parents. You'll also see notes sent to the Parents only.
  • What's Due: All Quizzes, Assignments, and Events sent to your child.
    • Quizzes have a purple ✓ icon.
    • Assignments have an orange pencil icon.
    • Events have a blue clock icon.
    • Green checkmarks indicate that an Assignment or Quiz has been turned in.
  • Messaging: You can now send your child's Teacher a direct message through the app.

Multiple Students?

You can connect to more than one Student in your iPhone app following the steps here. Once you've connected with more than one Student, you can switch between your Students by swiping in the middle of the screen. You'll know whose information you are seeing by the name at the top.