Not Seeing Posts in My Parent Account

Your Parent account has two views - What's Due/Classroom Activity - and Posts/Announcements. What's Due will show you the Assignments, Quizzes, and Events that your child has upcoming. Posts/Announcements shows the Notes your child's Teachers post into their Classes. Some Teachers post their homework assignments using notes, so those will show in the Posts/Announcements section. Check both What's Due and Posts in case you are having trouble seeing all of your child's activity.

If you are not seeing the Posts in either section of your Parent account, but you know your Student's Teachers have been making Posts, then your Student's Teachers may have opted to not make their Posts available to Parents. Teachers can choose to hide the Notes that they send from Parents. If the Teacher chooses to hide their Notes from Parents, but wants to send individual Notes to Parents, then in order for Parents to view those Notes, the Teacher must type in "Parents" and select the appropriate Parent Group when creating the Note. Otherwise, Parents will not see the Note. 

Sometimes, Teachers are not aware of this. We recommend you contact the Teacher, and request that they send their Notes out to Parents as well as the Class. You can even share the following link that describes how Teachers send Posts to Parents.

Keep in mind there are some types of Posts that will always be visible to Parents, such as Assignments and Quizzes. But Notes, which are a common type of Post, will not be visible to the Parents if the Teacher chooses to hide them.  

Learn more about what exactly you will see on your Parent account here. Also, feel free to watch our Parent account video overview for a comprehensive look at Parent accounts.