Understand Your Join URL

Join Group URLs are one of two ways that users can join groups/classes (the other is with the Code.) After a user enters a Join URL into a browser, the Group/Class owner will receive their request to join, which the owner can approve or deny. The URL can also be used to create new accounts.

Since the Join URL provides the owner control over who can use it to join the Group or Class, it is the best way to invite people to a Group/Class publicly, for example via a website, blog, or Twitter account. The owner can also send the Join URL to others on Edmodo or via email.  

To use the Join URL:

  1. Select the Group/Class you'd like have members join on the left side panel.
  2. Copy the “Join URL,” which is found within the Settings.
  3. Distribute this URL with users you would like in the Group/Class. Or, click "Invite" to send the Join URL to others via email.
  4. The user will paste the Join URL into the URL bar of their browser.
  5. The user will be asked to sign in to their Edmodo Account or create a new account (if they are not signed in already.)
  6. The user will then select "Send Join Request."
  7. The owner will be notified of the request and will have to approve or deny each new member.

Next Steps: After using a Join-URL, the new member will be placed in an approval queue for the group/class, and the owner will receive a "join request" that they can approve or deny. Once the join-request is accepted, the new member will be in the Group/Class.


How teachers respond to their Group Join requests from the notifications menu:

How teachers respond to their Group Join requests from within the Group: