Join a Group

Joining a Group as either a Student or a Teacher is easy! All you need to do is get the Group Code or the Join URL from the Teacher who owns the Group or a co-teacher. Then, follow these simple steps:

If you have a Group Code:

  1. Log in, and click "Join a Group" on the bottom of the Groups list, on the left of your Edmodo home page.
  2. Enter the Group Code and click "Join." You must get this code from the Teacher who owns the Group or a co-teacher.
  3. If the Group Code is unlocked, you'll be added right to the Group! If it's locked, then you'll be added to an approval queue and must wait for the Teacher or Co-Teacher of the Group to approve your join request.

 If you have a Join URL for the Group:

  1. Just enter the Join URL in to your browser and log in to Edmodo.
  2. Click the "Send Join Request" button. You'll be placed in an approval queue for the Group, and the group owner or a co-teacher can approve your join request. Then you'll be in the Group!

Signing up as a Student? Students join a Group when they create an account. Just go to, and go through the steps to sign up as a Student. As part of signing up, you will enter the Group Code, and when you're done signing up, you'll be in the Group!

In an approval queue? Don't worry, that just means the owner of the Group must approve your group join request. This occurs when the Group is locked, or when using a Join URL.

Joining with a Group Code:

Joining with a Join URL: