Archive Your Class or Group

Archiving a Class/Group is the best practice for when you are done with it (eg the end of the year or grading period) because it freezes the Class/Group while preserving all of the data and activity. Once a Class or Group is archived, it is inactive. Students will still be able to view the Posts, and Direct Message the Teacher-owner and Co-Teachers, but they will not be able to Post in the Class/Group, or access shared Folders. All data is saved - you can easily view any Posts, and reload any posted Quizzes or Assignments. You can also restore an archived class/group at any time, making it active again.  

 To archive a Class or Group:

  1. Select the Class or Group from the left Sidebar.
  2. Select the "Settings" icon on the right side of the middle panel.
  3. Select "Advanced Settings."
  4. Select "Archive."
  5. Click "Yes" to confirm when the pop up box appears.

Note: If you want to reuse the name of a Class/Group, be sure to rename the existing one before archiving it. You will not be able to create a new Class or Group with the same name as any existing or archived Classes and Groups. Your students will also continue to have access to their grades in the Progress area in an archived Class/Group.