Add an Attachment to a Post

You can easily attach files from your computer, resources from your Library or Google Drive, and/or links to any Note or Assignment that you post, which can be a great way to distribute resources to your students. You can add multiple attachments to a Post at one time, as long as they do not exceed 100 MB, and you can attach different types of items (eg. a file from your computer, library, and a link) to the same Post. To add attachments to a Post, simply follow these steps:

  1. From within one of your Classes/Groups, select the type of Post you would like to send (Note or Assignment).
  2. Type your message in the text box.
  3. Click the grey "Files," post-attachfile.png"Links," post-attachlink.png"Library," post-attachlibrary.png or "Google Drive" post-attachgoogle.png icons on the bottom left of the post box to attach items to the Post.
    • Use the "Files" icon post-attachfile.pngto attach files from your computer.  
    • Use the "Links" icon post-attachlink.pngto attach links to a website.
    • Use the "Library" post-attachlibrary.pngicon to attach items from your Library.
    • Use the "Google Drive" post-attachgoogle.png icon to attach items from your Google Drive.
  4. Select the item(s) that you would like to attach.
  5. Select another type of attachment (file, link, library, or Google Drive) if you would like to attach multiple types of items.
  6. Type the name of the Class or Group that you want to send the Post to in to the "Send To" field.
  7. Click "Send" on the bottom right of the post box to send it right away. Click the grey "clock" icon post-schedulepost.png on the bottom left of the post box to schedule the Post to go out later.

Note: If you attach image files, they may be re-sized and stored at a lower resolution.