How to Join Your School/District Network

Join your District Network to gain instant access to a community with the other teachers in your school and district. You’ll also be able to collaborate and share in the Edmodo Topics with teachers from all around the world.

How: It’s easy! You’ll need the Edmodo-generated School Code from the administrator at your school.

You can enter this School Code to verify yourself in a couple of places:

  1. Go to your unique district URL, something like, and log in to your Edmodo account.
  2. Through a yellow banner at the top of your Edmodo homepage.
  3. Via the “Verify Me” link under your name on the left side of your homepage on your account

In each of these locations, you’ll be prompted for the School Code and if any contact information is available for the school administrator, you will see that as well. 

What To Do Next:

Check out your School and District Communities! These will show in the bottom left of your account. Start collaborating with other teachers in your district on curriculum ideas, behavior management strategies, or planning upcoming events.

As an Edmodo Best Practice, we recommend that you and your students login through your unique district url each and every time you access Edmodo. This gives administrators the ability to assist with resetting passwords and finding forgotten usernames and helps you control exactly which groups your students can access (while logged into the district network, students can only see groups whose teachers are members of your district).

Note: Students do not need the School Code. They are connected to the district through their associated teachers.