Can't Find the Password Reset Email

If you used the Forgot password? link to reset your password, and are still not receiving the password reset email, the email is likely being redirected to your Spam folder in your email client. In that case, please check your Spam folder and see if the email is there.

Our reset password emails contain a password reset link which expires after 48 hours. If the link has expired, please follow the instructions below to clear Edmodo emails from your Spam filter and request a new password reset email:

To clear Edmodo emails from your Spam filters:

  1. Add the emails and to your Contacts
  2. For common email clients, here are some helpful resources:
  3. Check to see if your school or district uses a firewall. To clear your firewall for Edmodo emails, ask your IT director to clear Edmodo for the URL-approved list.

Is the Forgot Password link not working for you?  Click on one of the links below: