My Email Address Is in Use on a Student Account

Email addresses can only be used and linked to one account on Edmodo. If your email is in use on a Student account and you want to create a different type of account, you will first have to remove your email address from the Student account so you can use it for another account. 

To remove your email address from your Student account: 

  1. Log in to the Student account
  2. Click on your Profile Picture profile.png in the top toolbar 
  3. Select Settings gear.png
  4. Remove your email address from the Primary Email field
  5. Click Save Changes

Notes: For all United States Residents all students 13 and under, require a unique username and password to sign-up as well as parental approval and verification. For all students over the age of 13, an email address is required for account creation and parental approval is not mandatory.