Edmodo Sync Best Practices for Administrators (Admin)

Get Your District Edmodo Account Ready for Sync.

There are a couple of things we want to do before turning on Edmodo Sync for your district. These steps aren’t required to integrate the Edmodo Sync service, but we do recommend them to provide the best experience and the most secure network possible.

  1. Sign up as an Edmodo District. If you don’t already have an Edmodo District Account, please sign up for one! For more information about the Edmodo District Account, please see the linked Help Center Page. If you aren’t sure if your district has an Edmodo District Account, please ask your Edmodo Consultant or email syncsupport@edmodo.com.
  2. Enable Edmodo Redirect (IP Forwarding). Edmodo Redirect is a Best Practice recommendation for all Edmodo districts. Please configure your Edmodo district settings to make sure Edmodo Redirect is activated for your district. Without Edmodo Redirect activated, users can create new Edmodo accounts instead of signing in with their district issued credentials (making it difficult to track true usage of Edmodo).

Communicate with your teachers about Edmodo Sync.

We’ll recommend the best time to communicate with your staff about Edmodo Sync based on your implementation time table. When that time comes, you can draft your own message or use the template we’ve created.