Edmodo Sync - Sample Message to Teachers (Admin)

Greetings [district name] teachers. We are pleased to announce that we have subscribed to a new service for Edmodo, called Edmodo Sync.

Edmodo is an online education platform where millions of teachers and students connect every day in and out of the classroom for blended learning opportunities and to share educational resources. Edmodo Sync is a tool that will help our district automatically provide accounts for all of our teachers and students without any setup work required by you!

Edmodo Sync makes it a breeze to get online with your classes and take advantage of all that Edmodo has to offer. For ideas on how to use Edmodo, please see the related sections for Video Tutorials, User Guides, Lesson Ideas, and the Edmodo Blog.

If you’ve used Edmodo before, don’t worry - all of your information will be kept exactly as you have it now. You’ll be asked to provide your district email (name[@district.com]) if you haven’t already set this as your Edmodo primary or secondary email. (See this section on linking your Edmodo Account for more information.)

[If integrating Group Rostering, include this paragraph: This also means that all of your students will be given Edmodo Accounts and automatically placed in Groups (Classes) for you! Engaging your students has never been easier! Don't worry, you can still create your own Groups or join others' Groups for after school clubs, school organizations, professional learning networks etc.] 

Note that certain personal settings will not be editable while your district account is being synced by Edmodo Sync. The following areas of your Edmodo Account will be affected by Edmodo Sync:

  1. Personal Settings: You will be unable to change your Title, Name, Primary Email Address, and School.
  2. Password Reset/Change Password: You may or may not be able to reset your Password or change your Password based on your district settings.
  3. [If integrating Group Rostering, include this bullet point: Editing district administered Groups: You will be unable to change Group settings or add new Group Members to Groups which have been administered by the district (those created by Edmodo Sync).]

If you have questions or concerns about these settings, please contact [district contact].