School and District Webinars

In addition to regular live webinars, Edmodo has many recorded webinars that you can view at any time.  Please see the description of the recorded webinars below, and click the links to view the recordings.


District Spotlight Series

In an effort to provide ideas and inspiration to school districts around the world, the District Spotlight Series seeks to showcase some of the innovative ways districts are using Edmodo.


Recorded Webinars:


How to Use Edmodo for Professional Development - Clark County School District, Cobb County School District, Chesterfield County Public Schools

This webinar features district leaders as they share personal experiences, best practices, and tips to help you model their success with their districts. You’ll learn about leveraging Edmodo for teacher onboarding and development, Professional Learning Communities, personalized PD courses, and more.


Spotlight Webinar: Conferences Powered by Edmodo - Florida Education Technology Conference, Escambia County School District 

The webinar highlights the ways in which educational conferences are enhancing their events by using Edmodo as a platform to connect conference attendees, share materials, and provide a backchannel for presentation sessions.


Building Leadership PLNs with Edmodo - Kenton County School District, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools and California Educational Technology Professionals Association 

The webinar provides examples of how administrators and education professionals are using Edmodo as a platform for professional development among superintendents, CTOs, principals and other ed/tech leaders.


Edmodo: From Computer Labs to 1:1 - McCracken Public Schools, KY; Olympia High School, Orlando, FL; Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana, CA

The webinar provides examples for educators of all backgrounds; whether all of their students have iPads and laptops, or if they simply have a single computer in the back of their classroom. 


Creating Global Networks with Edmodo -  Nashville and Brunswick County Schools

The webinar features educators from Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, TN and Brunswick County Public Schools, NC. It provides examples that teachers and administrators can use to connect classrooms and educators from across the globe.


Improving Classroom Engagement with iPads and Edmodo – Chicago Public Schools

This webinar features Chicago Public Schools and how they are using both iPads and Edmodo to engage their classrooms. 



Edmodo for Professional Development

The webinar will highlight the ways in which Edmodo can be used as a platform for professional development of all types, while demonstrating the specific steps administrators can take to train teachers on classroom usage of Edmodo.

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Digital Citizenship

Learn how to use the Digital Citizenship Starter Kit, a series of activities you can complete in Edmodo to help start the conversation with students about Internet safety, cyberbullying, information literacy, and more. In this webinar, we’ll take you through the contents of the starter kit and help you learn how to make the most of the Digital Citizenship Community on Edmodo.

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