What is Edmodo Sync?

Edmodo Sync enables you to automatically onboard your teachers and students, manage their accounts, and manage class and staff groups within Edmodo. We use secure technology to import data from your directory services and teacher and student information systems, handling the provisioning and deprovisioning processes on your behalf.

Edmodo Sync automates your Edmodo rollout and keeps your district’s information up-to-date. We’ve designed it to be easy for IT to integrate and just as simple for Curriculum to rollout. We’ve created simple specifications for CSV files to generate from your directory service and SIS databases. You'll just automate a process to upload the files to Edmodo via SFTP on a daily basis, and that’s it. We’ll process the files so you can manage your teachers’ and students’ accounts all at once.

Once you are all synched up with Edmodo, you'll be able to sit back and let Edmodo Sync do all of the hard work! 

For questions about Edmodo Sync or to inquire about pricing for your district, please email syncsupport@edmodo.com