Linking Edmodo Sync Accounts - Before Sync is Activated (Admin)

Edmodo Sync effortlessly creates Edmodo Accounts for all district teachers, students, and staff. But what happens to users who already have Edmodo Accounts and don't want to lose all of their old information and files?

No Problem! Edmodo Sync takes care of all the work for you. Before Edmodo Sync is turned on, we'll issue login prompts on Edmodo that will alert teachers to switch their primary email address to the district issued email address, so that these accounts are linked when Sync is turned on. After we get Edmodo Sync up and running in your district, your users will still be able to link accounts when they log in with their new Edmodo credentials.

This section describes the prompts that teachers and students will encounter before Edmodo Sync runs for the first time. To read about how teachers can link their Edmodo Accounts after Sync is activated, see Linking Edmodo Sync Accounts - After Sync is Activated.

Before completing your Edmodo Sync integration, your district can start taking steps to convert your users to their new Edmodo logins. First, we'll activate prompts in Edmodo for existing teachers and students that they will see upon logging into Edmodo using their existing credentials. If they have a district email, and they know what it is, the user can simply provide it in the space provided. That's it-- their email is stored and their account is ready for Edmodo Sync!

Ask your Edmodo Sync Consultant or email if you have questions or would like to enable these prompts for your users.