Set up Your Student Profile

There are many different features you are able to view from your Profile page. Follow these steps to set up your Student Profile:

1. Click your profile icon in the right hand corner of your homepage

2. Click Profileprofile.png. Your Profile will then be displayed. From here, you can edit your Profile sections (see below.) Screen_Shot_2020-07-02_at_1.48.35_PM.png

 1. Main Profile Section (top section of the Profile page)

    • Profile Picture: Click on Update Photo located under your current photo to edit or change your Profile Picture.
    • Student Information displayed 
      • Name: To edit or change your first or last name on your profile, visit your account settings by clicking on your profile icon Account_Icon.png > Settings Settings_Icon.png
      • School name: Based on your teachers' selected school. If you have the wrong school on your profile, please see this article for help.
    • Groups: Total number of Groups you have been a member of.
    • Badges: Total number of Badges you have earned.

2. About Tab

  • Badges
    • Click on See All to view all your Badges.
    • Note: Badges will automatically be added to this section as you receive them.
  • How I Like to Learn
    • Click on the pencil icon to choose or change how you like to learn.
    • Click Hands on, Listening or Visually to learn more about each learning style then click Select.
  • Career Goal
    • Click on the pencil icon to choose or change your career goal.
    • Click on the career field on the left and view descriptions of each specific career on the right. Select the career goal by clicking on the specific career name.
  • Note: Once you have selected how you like to learn or a career goal, you can change your selection, but you cannot remove the section.   

3. Activity Tab (only visible to student and their teachers)

  • Highlights all of your Post and Replies

4. Progress Tab (only visible to student and their teachers, not other group members)

  • Displays grades and Badges for each Group
  • Click on the specific Group to see detailed progress/grades

5. Teacher Schedules Tab

  • Shows your teachers' teaching schedule and room number from their profile page so you can locate them throughout the day