Set up Your Student Profile

There are many different features you are able to view from your Profile page. Follow these steps to set up your Student Profile:

  1. Click your profile icon profile.png in the right-hand corner of your homepage
  2. Click Profile. Your Profile will then be displayed. From here, you can edit your Profile sections (see below.)




  • Main Profile Section (top section of the Profile page)
    • Profile Picture: Click on Update Photo located under your current photo to edit or change your Profile Picture.
    • Student Information displayed 
      • Name: To edit or change your first or last name on your profile, visit your account settings by clicking on your profile icon Account_Icon.png > Settings Settings_Icon.png
      • School name: Based on your teachers' selected school. If you have the wrong school on your profile, please see this article for help.
    • Groups: Total number of Groups you have been a member of.
    • Badges: Total number of Badges you have earned.
  • About Tab
    • Badges
      • Click on See All to view all your Badges.
      • Note: Badges will automatically be added to this section as you receive them.
    • How I Like to Learn
      • Click on the pencil icon to choose or change how you like to learn.
      • Click Hands-on, Listening or Visually to learn more about each learning style then click Select.
    • Career Goal
      • Click on the pencil icon to choose or change your career goal.
      • Click on the career field on the left and view descriptions of each specific career on the right. Select the career goal by clicking on the specific career name.
    • Note: Once you have selected how you like to learn or a career goal, you can change your selection, but you cannot remove the section.
  • Progress Tab (only visible to student and their teachers, not other group members)
    • Displays grades and Badges for each Group
    • Click on the specific Group to see detailed progress/grades
  • Teacher Schedules Tab
    • Shows your teachers' teaching schedule and room number from their profile page so you can locate them throughout the day
  • Activity Tab (only visible to student and their teachers)
    • Highlights all of your Post and Replies
  • Teachers Tab
    • Click Show all Teachers to view all of your teachers and teachers who are co-teachers of a Group you are a member of.
  • Classmates Tab
    • Click Show all Classmates to view all of your classmates. Although you can see the Profiles of your classmates, you cannot direct message them.