Setting up Your Student Profile

Keep your Profile up to date on Edmodo to help your teachers and Edmodo community learn more about you! You can access your Profile by doing the following:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture profile.pngon the top right of your top toolbar
  2. Select Profile

Your Edmodo Profile is divided up into your main profile section as well as the About, Activity, Progress and Teacher Schedules sections listed on the left panel. Read below to learn more about what is displayed in each of these sections and how to make updates. 

Main Profile Section:


Clickpencil.pngnext to each section to add or update any information. Be sure to click Save to update all the changes.

  • Badges: Badges will automatically be updated as you earn them. Learn more about Badges.
  • How I Like to Learn: Select your favorite way to learn from the options Hands-on, Listening or Visually
  • Career Goal: Add a career goal to your profile based on the descriptions provided to help your teachers know what you're aiming to be professionally.  

Note: Once you have added details to your how you like to learn or a career goal sections, they can only be changed, not removed.   

Activity: A list of all of your Post and Replies. This section is only visible to students and teachers.

Progress:  View your grades and Badges for each Class/Group and click into a specific Class/Group to see your detailed progress/grades. This information is only visible to you and your teacher, not other class/group members. 

Teacher Schedules: View your teachers' teaching schedule and office hours as well as a link to their profile page so you can locate them throughout the day or send them a direct message.