How to Add a Student to Your Parent Account (Mobile)

Adding your Student to your Parent account is the recommend next step after initial sign-up.  Connecting to your child's Student account will allow you to speak to their Teachers directly, view their upcoming Class/Group Assignments and Quizzes, review their grades, and chat with them directly. Parent accounts can have multiple Student accounts linked to them at once, so if you have more than one child, there's no need to have more than one Parent account.

To add a student to your Parent account:

  1. Obtain your child's unique Parent Code from their Student account. Learn more about Parent Codes
  2. Login to your already created Parent account. Learn about creating a Parent account.
  3. Navigate to your Account Settings
    • hamburger.png on Android
    • gear.pngon iOS 
  4. Select Add Child addmember.png
  5. Type in the Parent Code to add them to your account. You can repeat this process with each Student's unique Parent Code.

Note: If needed, you can easily remove a student from your Parent account. Learn more about removing a Student account.