Edmodo Sync for Teachers

Edmodo Sync is a District Support tool that allows all teachers, students, and staff to have their very own Edmodo Account without any setup required by teachers! This means that all of your students will be given Edmodo Accounts and automatically placed in Groups (Classes) for you!*

Engaging your students has never been easier! Don't worry, you can still create your own Groups or join others' Groups for project based learning, after school clubs, school organizations, professional learning networks etc.

Edmodo Sync makes it a breeze to get online with your classes and take advantage of all that Edmodo has to offer. For ideas on how to use Edmodo, please see the related sections for Video Tutorials, User Guides, Lesson Ideas, and the Edmodo Blog.

We hope that Edmodo Sync will make your lives easier and give you more time for the most important thing you do all day - teaching. In order to get the best experience from Edmodo Sync, please read the following Best Practices guide and do your best to adhere to these principles with fidelity. If you have any questions, please email syncsupport@edmodo.com.

*Automated Group placement is only available in districts opting to integrate Group Rostering via Edmodo Sync. Please check with your administrator or email syncsupport@edmodo.com if you have questions concerning Group Rostering.