Edmodo Integrations - Linking Accounts (Teacher)

Once your district rolls out an Edmodo Integration, you'll be given the option to link your Edmodo Accounts. Linking Edmodo Accounts is an easy, identical process for both Student and Teacher Accounts!

If you haven't already done so, be sure to update your email in Edmodo to match to your district-provided email address. 

If you haven't changed your email to your district-provided email and your Administrator has activated the Edmodo Integration, don't worry-- your files and information are still safe! You'll just need to link the new Edmodo Account that was created to your old Edmodo Account:

  1. Log into Edmodo with your district email and password (the password will be the same that you use for all other district logins).
  2. You'll encounter the prompt below. Click "Yes, I already have an account."
  3. Enter your Email or Username and Password for your old Edmodo Account and click "Link My Accounts."

That's it! Now all your posts, assignments, quizzes, badges, and files from your old Edmodo Account are available in your new district one.