View Your Child's Scores (Web)

Parents' What's Due center contains a list of their child's Assignments or Quizzes scores. Parents can see a list of all their child's Completed (in the past) or Upcoming tasks quickly to help keep their child organized and prepared for the week ahead. 

To view your What's Due:

  1. Log into your Parent account
  2. Click on What's Due in the top toolbar
  3. Select your child's name from the left panel
  4. To see a filter list of your child's class tasks, apply one of the Completed or Upcoming 
    • Completed: Contains a list of all your child's Completed (in the past) tasks. 
    • Upcoming: View a list of your child's soon to be due tasks. Class tasks that are considered late will also be listed here. 
  5. Click on a class task to view more details and/or Message Teacher