Edmodo Sync Best Practice for Teachers (Part 1: General Settings)

Edmodo Sync makes it a breeze to get online with your classes and take advantage of all that Edmodo has to offer. Teachers connect and share lessons with students on Edmodo through Groups (Edmodo’s name for digital classrooms). For ideas on how to use Edmodo, please see the related sections for Video Tutorials, User Guides, Lesson Ideas, and the Edmodo Blog.

Please read the following Best Practices guide and do your best to adhere to these principles with fidelity. If you have any questions, please contact your administrator or email syncsupport@edmodo.com.

Enrolling Students in Edmodo.

All Students in Edmodo should be registered by the district. Please do not enroll any students on Edmodo unless given express permission by your administrator (otherwise, you may be creating a duplicate account for a student)! Most student account uploads occur within 24 hours, so if a student hasn’t been provided an Edmodo login within a day’s time, please check with your administrator to make sure the student will be included in the next account upload.

If your district is also enrolling students into Groups (Edmodo’s digital classrooms) using Sync, these changes should also occur within 24 hours. Please contact your administrator if any students are missing from your Edmodo Groups.

Assisting Students with their Edmodo logins.

Please instruct your students to log in to Edmodo using their new district-issued Edmodo Accounts. Don’t worry - if you've used Edmodo with these students before, they’ll be able to carry over all of their old homework, badges, backpack files, Snapshot data etc. into their new accounts by linking their accounts (the account linking process works the same for teachers and students) the first time they sign in.

If a student doesn’t know his or her Edmodo login, you can look it up for them in any of your district administered Edmodo Groups in which the student was enrolled.

  1. From the District Administered Edmodo Group, click the “Members” tab.
  2. You can view an individual Student’s Username login on this page (it is listed on their record under the “Student” tag).
  3. You may also Print a list of all Users (and Usernames) in the Group by selecting the “Member Options” drop-down, then selecting “Print.”
  4. Select the parameters you wish to print and select “Generate Page.”

Don’t Sweat the Small Changes.

If you’re a seasoned Edmodo user, you’re likely to encounter a couple of changes to your profile that you weren’t expecting.

  1. Personal Settings: You will be unable to change your Title, Name, Primary Email Address, and School.
  2. Password Reset/Change Password: You may or may not be able to reset your Password or change your Password based on your district settings.
  3. Group Settings: If your district has enabled Group Rostering through Sync, certain settings for these district administered Groups will be locked (please see below for more details).

If any of the aforementioned Personal Settings changes significantly impact your Edmodo experience, please contact your Administrator to make an adjustment.

Set a Secondary Email.

Once an Edmodo Account has been created for you using your district email address, and you've linked your old Edmodo account (if you had one), please set a Secondary Email so that you can still use Edmodo if you leave your district.

Get Parents to Join Edmodo.

Edmodo Sync doesn’t change anything about parent involvement on Edmodo. Ask parents to help drive digital learning success by joining your district’s education platform. Find instructions here on how to locate and print Parent Codes.