Edmodo Sync Best Practice for Teachers (Part 2: Group Rostering)

If your district has chosen to automatically set up your online classes on Edmodo, there are some additional considerations you will want to be aware of. If you are unsure if your district is utilizing this part of the Edmodo Sync service, please contact your district administrator, or contact syncsupport@edmodo.com for help.

Your Students are on Edmodo - Engage Them!

Your district has done all the work to set up classes for you on Edmodo (we call them Groups) and enroll all of your students in these Groups. Be sure to monitor these Groups so that discussions are kept on academic topic.

If you plan to acclimate students to Edmodo during a particular unit of study (for younger grades, this may mean starting out the year with a Digital Citizenship course) and won’t be aggressively monitoring communication on Edmodo, you will want to change settings in your Groups to maintain order.

You’ll also want to configure your preferences for receiving Email & Text updates from Edmodo, so that learning isn’t limited to your school’s walls. You can also configure notifications for individual Groups, so that you can keep these notifications limited to communication coming from your students.

Creating Groups.

Edmodo Sync automatically builds Edmodo classes for you and enrolls students so you don’t have to mess with creating student accounts and keeping track of passwords or group codes. At Edmodo, we know teachers - most of us are former teachers ourselves - and we know you are only limited by your own creativity. We understand you’ll want to continue to build your own student groups, and we encourage you to do so! However, please use the district administered groups for each of your main class periods. We want your district to be able to see how valuable a tool Edmodo is, and channeling all Edmodo traffic through these automatically configured groups will help them see who the Edmodo power users are - and who may need additional support.

Note that, while there are some Group Settings that can’t be changed for Groups administered by your district via Edmodo Sync (more on that in the image below), you can still take advantage of the following features:

  • Add Small Groups to restructure your district administered groups into organizational units or to differentiate instruction.
  • Set your Groups to read-only for students or parents, or moderate all posts and replies, so that you can appropriately monitor communication

You can also still create your own Groups on Edmodo for supplemental education, extracurricular activities or organizations, or special projects. Additionally, you may always join other teachers’ professional learning groups. We recommend that you record any official grades in your district administered groups.

Adding a Co-Teacher.

Co-Teachers for district administered groups are set by your district administrator. If you need to include a Co-Teacher for one of your main class Groups, please ask your administrator to change the appropriate settings. He or she may email syncsupport@edmodo.com with any questions.

End of a Marking Period.

Groups that are administered by your district will automatically be closed out at the end of the marking period, but groups you create yourself will still need to be archived manually. Please refer to this FAQ to make sure your Groups are properly archived at the end of each marking period.

As always, please contact syncsupport@edmodo.com with any questions.