If I sell my items, can I offer coupons for teachers in my district?

  • We do not allow coupons at this time, but we love the idea. Stay posted for some opportunities like this! 

If I sell a resource, how much do I get to keep? What do you charge me?

  • You keep 60% of the price. We charge you 40%.

How does Dynamic Pricing work? Can I change my price at any time?

  • Dynamic pricing could be a bit confusing, but we believe it works in your favor. By agreeing to Dynamic pricing, it allows us to promote and maximize sales for your item by adjusting the price the buyer pays for it depending on its popularity or other promotional goals.  No matter what, we guarantee you will always receive at least 60% of your minimum price. 

If I am selling resources on another site, can I sell them here on Edmodo Spotlight, too?

  • Yes. We do not require an exclusive commitment from you. We just want to help you share your best content with the millions of Edmodo teachers around the world.