Why Spotlight and Edmodo

What exactly is Spotlight and how does it work?

  • Edmodo Spotlight helps you boost your lesson planning and find resources to spark your students’ curiosity and improve their overall learning experience. It is a place to share, collect, review, and discover helpful resources for your students and teaching. It will act as a marketplace where both publishers and teachers can create and share resources. Teachers from the Edmodo network can download, peruse or purchase these resources. 

I’ve never used Edmodo before. Can you give me a quick overview on how to get started?

  • Edmodo is the largest social learning network in the world. It allows teachers, students, and parents to connect in a free and secure environment. Teachers often create groups with their students to take learning beyond the classroom. Teachers can also discover resources, do blended learning PD, and connect in communities.
  • To get started with your Edmodo Teacher account, check out the following links:

Will Spotlight integrate with my library and other Edmodo features like the Edmodo Store and Discover?

  • Yes! In the future, we will be integrating Spotlight with several other Edmodo features, such as the Library, Discover, Search and the Edmodo Store. 

I already share content in the Edmodo Communities. How is Spotlight different from the communities?  

  • We love that you share in the communities because it helps fellow teachers in real time. Spotlight allows those same resources to be surfaced more easily. Teachers will also be able to follow you on Spotlight so they can get updates when you share new resources.

How is Spotlight different from other sites where I can sell resources?

  • Spotlight is not just about buying and selling. The spirit of sharing and collecting is fundamental to how Edmodo operates. Additionally, sharing on Edmodo Spotlight allows you to quickly reach our very large network of teachers and integrate the resources into your Edmodo student groups.

Where can I get training on how to use Spotlight?

  • We’ll be adding additional resources about Spotlight to our Help Center soon. In the meantime, if you have questions about using Spotlight, please contact our Support Team here and we’ll be happy to assist you.