Insights Reports

After students have taken your Snapshot quizzes, you can use the Reports page to easily view their performance on the objectives you assessed, see the exact questions and answers by student, and find out where your students could use more help on a class or individual level. Insights also recommends free resources to help you close any and all learning gaps in your classroom. Follow these steps to view your students’ results:

  1. Launch Snapshot by clicking the Insights icon on the Apps Toolbar.
  2. Click “Reports” on the top toolbar.

There are three types of Insights Reports, each of which can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top of the “Reports” page. Each Insights Report type provides unique information which is described below:

  • Focus: The number of students you've assessed and number of students who are meeting, borderline, or behind on the objectives. You will also see the number of objectives that have been assessed, and the 3 objectives with the most room for improvement. Filter by Group towards the top.
  • Students: The performance of individual students on each Maths objective, and the specific Snapshot questions that each student answered, including the students' responses.
    • View the specific questions that each student answered: Click on the colored square for an individual objective next to a student's name.
    • View only the students and objectives within specific performance category: Click on a colored Objective Code (Meets, Borderline, etc.) in the legend near the top of the page.
  • Objectives: The performance of your students as a whole on each objective.
    • Filter by Group, subject, and / key stage: Use the filters towards the top of the page.
    • See which students fall into each performance category: Mouse over the circle-chart for a specific objective.

How is the mastery level ( i.e. "Meets," "Borderline," and "Behind") determined?

"Meets" means that a student answered 4/4 or 3/4 objective-aligned questions correct on their most recent Snapshot. "Borderline" means they answered 2/4 questions correct, and "Behind" reflects 1/4 or 0/4 questions correct.