New Folders Layout on Group Page

We recently released a new and improved Library feature that allows for subfolders, easier resource sharing, and more. The first step in our Library improvement is changes to the Folders tab in the Groups page.

We realize that these changes may create some confusion. Please read below for some important information on the changes:

  • The "Manage Folders" button on the Folders page will allow you to share and un-share Folders with the Group. Select Folders you want to share. Deselect any Folders to "un-share." When a folder is selected, a dark line will appear to the left of it. Then click "Done." This can also be done from the Library. More info here
  • In a Folder, the "Add" button will allow you to add items to that Folder. Only the owner of a Folder will be able to delete resources from their own folder, but co-teachers can all share Folders with the Group they co-teach and add resources into the Group's shared Folders. More info here
  • Currently you cannot manually order Folders / items. However, you can now sort by “Name” or “Modified date” by clicking on that column title, similar to how you do your computer’s filing system. 
  • No “enable / disable” option. Now the process is simpler: either share or un-share a folder with a Group. If it’s shared, then it is enabled. For now, if you have folders that were disabled, but are showing up, please un-share them from that Group from within the Library. This article explains how to un-share a Folder.

We understand it may take a bit to get used to the new changes, and appreciate your patience in adapting them. Again, this is the first step in a much larger improvement to the Library. New features in the Library include the ability to have subfolders, share individual items directly with a Group, and better organization / searchability.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or feedback about the new Folders and we’ll be happy to help or pass your feedback on.