View and Edit Your Network's Teacher Badges (Admins)

School and District Administrators are able to Award Teacher Badges to any Teachers within their Network to recognize them for skills they've mastered or other milestones accomplished. Any Teacher Badge that an Administrator has created will appear within this Repository.

To View or Edit a Teacher Badge in your Repository:

  1. Click the "Library" Icon  
  2. Under "District Resources" select the option "Teacher Badges."
  3. Click on the name of any Teacher Badge to View the Badge Information. A window will appear containing the Name and Description for the Teacher Badge
  4. Back in the Teacher Badge menu, you may Edit a Teacher Badge by hovering over the badge and clicking the "Down Caret" icon  that appears to the right
  5. Select "Edit." 
  6. The Edit Menu will appear. You may change Badge details, including the Name, Description, and Image.
  7. When you are finished editing the Teacher Badge, click the blue "Update Badge" button 

Editing a Teacher Badge will automatically change the Badge's information on any Teacher profiles who have been awarded the Badge.