View and Revoke Teacher Badges (Admins)

School and District Administrators are able to Award Teacher Badges to any Teachers within their Network to recognize them for skills they've mastered or other milestones accomplished. After awarding a Teacher Badge, it will display on the recipient Teacher's Edmodo Profile Page.

To View all Teacher Badges a Teacher has been Awarded

  1. Find the Teacher you wish to View and navigate to their Profile Page
  2. Scroll down to the "Badges" section of their profile.
  3. If the Teacher has been Awarded any Teacher Badges from the District Administrator, a section labeled "District Awarded" will display. If it was awarded by the School Administrator, the section labeled "School Awarded" will display.
  4. Hovering over any Teacher Badge image will display information about the Badge, including the NameDescription, and the Name of the School/District that Awarded the Badge.
  5. Click "See All" to View a list of the Awarded Teacher Badges with more detailed information about each Teacher Badge, including the Date it was earned and the Name of the Administrator who Awarded the Badge.

The same Teacher Badge can be Awarded multiple times to a single Teacher. If a Teacher Badge has been Awarded more than once, a counter will display next to the Badge icon on the Teacher's profile indicating the number of times it has been Awarded.

In the "See All" list view, information about the dates a Badge was earned will display, along with the name of the District Administrator who awarded the badge on each date.

To Revoke a Teacher Badge:

  1. From the Teacher's Profile click "See All" in the "Awarded" Badges section.
  2. Find the Teacher Badge you wish to Remove and select "Revoke."
  3. The Badge will no longer appear on the Teacher's Profile Page.


Any Administrator may Revoke a Teacher Badge, even those Awarded by other Administrators.  

Administrators can also Export a csv file of all Teacher Badges that have been Awarded to Teachers in their Network. 

To Export a csv file containing all Teacher Badges that have been Awarded in your Network:

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account.
  2. Click the "PD Tools" tab in the top right of the toolbar, then select the "Teacher Badges" tab
  3. Click on the "Export" tab
  4. Select whether to Export "By Teacher" or "By Date Awarded" and click the corresponding button
  5. A csv file will Download, which you can then use externally as needed