Add a Teacher Badge to Your District Repository (Admins)

Teacher Badges are a feature of the PD Tools offering, free to all School and District Accounts. Any School or District Administrator is able to access the Network Teacher Badge Repository within their Administrator Account. They can then add, view, edit, and award Teacher Badges within this repository.



To Add a Teacher Badge to the Repository from the Administrator Account:

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account.
  2. Click the "PD Tools"  tab in the top right of the toolbar, then select the "Teacher Badges" tab
  3. Click the blue "Add" button
  4. Provide a Badge Title and a description, then click the "Upload Image" button to provide an image for the Badge
  5. Click the blue "Add Badge" button. The Teacher Badge will now be visible to any Admin in your network

Images used for Teacher Badges must either be .jpg or .png files. Please make sure the image dimensions are 144 x 144 pixels and no larger than 1 MB. 

A Teacher Badge added to the Repository will be accessible by all Administrators from within the Network. Any Administrator can Award, View or Edit Badges in this shared Repository.