Overview of the New Library -- What's New (2019)

At Edmodo we are always working to improve and respond to teacher feedback. As such, we have recently released a new and improved Library that is more useful than ever. This article highlights some of the main changes; we hope you like them!

1. Sub Folders! You can now put Folders inside of Folders. This has been a long standing feature request, and we're excited to make it happen. We hope this helps you stay more organized than ever.

 2. More functionality! Click the "down arrow" to the right of any item, or just right click on it, to see a set of options that provide more file management options, such as:

  • Edit: Rename any Library item.
  • Share: Send an item straight to a Group directly from the Library. Files and links will be attached, Assignments and Quizzes will actually be assigned.
  • Move: Move an item to another location, such an inside a Folder.
  • Copy: Create a copy of an item in another location. Use this to have an item live in multiple Folders.
  • Download: Download a copy of the item to your computer. Note: Folders cannot be downloaded to a computer at this time.
  • Delete: Permanently remove an item from your Library. Deleting Folders deletes all of the contents inside, so be careful with this one!

3. Better Search! The Library now has its own search bar to help you locate Library items. Search for a Folder / item name, or its file extension!

4. Select and act on multiple items at onceLike on your computer, you can use the "command" (Mac), "ctrl" (PC), or "shift" keys to select multiple items at one time. Then, a right click will allow you to act on all of those items at once! With this, you can do things like move a whole bunch of items in to a Folder at once.

5. SortingClick on "Name" or "Modified Date" to sort your Library by that property. Folders will always show up first.

6. Assignment and Quiz FoldersYour Assignments and Quizzes now live in the Library. The "My Assignments" and "My Quizzes" Folders store all the Assignments and Quizzes you create, but you can move them in to other Folders if you like. And you can use the "Send" function to instantly send one to a Group from your Library!



1. How can I make this transition as easy as possible? We recommend taking some time to sort through and organize your Library now that sub folders are available. Put Folders within Folders to reduce clutter. Delete Folders and Library items you don't need any more. Put loose Library items in Folders. Spending some time organizing up front will allow you to start clean in the new Library and make the most of the new functionality.

2. How are my items organized? Your items will always show up with Folders first, then Library items below Folders. The default sort order will be by modified date, with the newly modified items at the top, but you can change the sort order by clicking "Name" or "Modified Date."

3. I can't get to my Library items!? Folders will always show up at the top. To get to your Library items that aren't in Folders, scroll down and click "Load More". Or, search by item name or file extension (eg .doc, .pdf).We realize that the lack of sub folders in the past may have lead you to create many, many Folders, so we recommend taking some time up front to organize your Folders and reduce clutter; see the question #1 above.

4. What happened to the "Attached to Posts" section? Items attached to Posts will no longer be automatically added to your Library. If you want them to be in your Library, please add them to the Library. Items previously in the "Attached to Posts" section of your Library are now in your Main Library. You may want to use the "Move" function to move them in to a Folder of your choosing.

5. What happened to Public Folders? Public Folders are no longer available. However, any Folders that you had made public in the past will remain public. Going forward, if you have new Folders you'd like to make public, then we recommend other public folder sharing methods such as Google Drive or Dropbox.