Manage Library Items and Folders

In order to see the management options for a Library item, you must click the "down arrow" to the right of an item. This shows up when you hover the mouse over it


What does each option do?

Folder Options

  • Edit: Rename any Library item.
  • Move: Move an item to another location, such an inside a Folder.
  • Copy: Create a copy of an item in another location. Use this to have an item live in multiple Folders.
  • Share: Shares a Folder with a Group that you select.
  • Delete: Permanently remove an item from your Library. Deleting Folders deletes all of the contents. inside, so be careful with this one!

File Options

  • Download: Download a copy of the item to your computer.
  • Publish To Spotlight: Share your Resources with the Edmodo educators community. 
  • Open In Office: For certain file types, you can choose to open them in Office Online for quick online revision and editing. 

Manage Folder Options


Manage File Options