Manage Library Items and Folders

There are two ways you can see the management options for a Library item:

  1. Click the "down arrow" to the right of an item. This shows up when you hover the mouse over it
  2. Right-click on the item. This is necessary when selecting multiple items at once.

Note: You can select multiple items at once! Use the "control" or "shift" keys to select multiple items. Then, right-click on an item to see the management options.

What does each option do?

Folder Options

  • Edit: Rename any Library item.
  • Move: Move an item to another location, such an inside a Folder.
  • Copy: Create a copy of an item in another location. Use this to have an item live in multiple Folders.
  • Share: Shares a Folder with a Group that you select
  • Delete: Permanently remove an item from your Library. Deleting Folders deletes all of the contents inside, so be careful with this one!

File Options

  • Attach to Note: Send a file straight to a Group as an attachment, directly from the Library.
  • Download: Download a copy of the item to your computer
  • Share To Spotlight: Share your Resources with the Edmodo educators community. 
  • Open In Office: For certain file types, you can choose to open them in Office Online for quick online revision and editing.