Manage Library Items and Folders

Your Library has many management options for all your stored items. To manage any item within your Library you can click More ellipsis.png to the right of the item which appears when hovering the mouse over it.  Alternatively, you can tick the box to the right of its name for bulk processing options. 

Read below to find out more about the function of each option: 

Folder Options

  • Edit: Rename the Folder.
  • Move: Move the Folder to another location such as to another class or inside another Folder.
  • Copy: Create a copy of the Folder and save it in another location. This is useful for when you want to share a Folder with multiple Classes.
  • Share: Share a Folder with any of your Classes.
  • Delete: Permanently remove the Folder from your Library. Deleting Folders deletes all of the contents inside and we cannot recover them at this time, so be careful with this option!

Unique File Options:

  • Attach to Post: Attach the item to a class post quickly.
  • Download: Download a copy of the item to your computer.
  • Open In Office: For certain file types, you can choose to open them in Office Online for quick online revision and editing. 

Manage Folder Options


Manage File Options