Set up a Group Directory for your school or district (Admins)

The Group Directory allows any verified teacher in a network to add Groups to the Edmodo Page for their school or district. Any other teacher member in the school or district network can then view and join these Groups in a single click without having to first provide a Group Code.

The Group Directory can be found on the School Page for your school or district network. 

  1. From your homepage after logging in to Edmodo (or after pressing the "Home" icon in your top navigation bar), find your profile card in the top left portion of your screen. Click on your School or District link to go to the respective Edmodo Page for your school or district.
  2. Select the “Group Directory” -  - tab. 

On this menu, a list of all Groups that have been set as Public to Members of your School or District will appear.  

To add Groups to the your school or district's Group Directory, you may either:

  • Add an existing Group. If you wish to add existing Groups to your School or District's Group Directory, you do so from the Settings menu of the Group. Note: Only the owner of the Group may add it to the Group Directory Page. Additionally, at this time, only Groups can be added to the Group directory, not Classes. Please adjust the settings to make your Class a Group in order to access the option to make the Group discoverable.
  • Or, create a new Group. You can create a new Group using the PLC Creator Tool, which will be added to the Group Directory Page. 

To remove a Group from your school or district's Group Directory:

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of the Group listing.
  2. Click the "Remove" link. 

Teachers and Staff can Join any Groups pinned to the Group Directory in a single click by selecting "Join Group"