Create a PLC for your school or district (Admins)

Use the PLC Creation tool to simplify the setup of Professional Development Groups on Edmodo. Using this feature, School and District Admins can quickly create collaborative Groups and instantly add teachers to them.

To create a PLC for your school or district:

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account.
  2. Click the "PD Tools" tab admin toolbar, then select the "Group Directory" from the drop-down menu. A list of the current Classes and Groups displayed in your Group Directory will appear below. 
  3. Click the "Create Group" button and fill out your Group details.
  4. Select the Grade and Subject Area for your Group. Note that using these filters will select only teachers who have set a Grade and/or Subject in their Edmodo Profiles. To default your teacher list to display all teachers in a school or district, set the Grade filter to "None" and the Subject Area filter to "All". 
  5. If you are a District Admin and you are creating a PLC on the Group Directory for your district, you will also see an option to filter by Schools. By default, this is set to "All Schools", but you can select an individual school in the drop-down menu. 
  6. When you have finished selecting your filters, click the "Create" button. 
  7. Select which members to add to your Group from your filtered list by using the Check or Uncheck boxes   (By default all members will be selected). You may also use the "Search Members..." bar to find individual teachers. 
  8. When ready, click "Add Members."

Your PLC Group is now ready to use! You can find the Group listed on your Group Directory. If you do not wish for your Group to be available to all teachers in your network, you can remove it from the Group Directory listing

In order to ensure that filtered results are accurate, teachers must list their subject and grade level on their profile. They can do this by following the steps here.