Create an Instant PLC (Admins)

Instant PLCs, part of the PD Tools offering for District Accounts, simplifies the creation of Professional Development Groups on Edmodo. District Administrators can easily filter Teachers in their District based on different criteria and instantly enroll them in Groups on Edmodo. 

To create an Instant PLC:

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account.
  2. Click the "PD Tools"  tab in the top right of the toolbar, then select the "Instant PLC"  tab. A list of the Teachers and Staff in your District will display. 
  3. Click the Down Caret  to the right of the "Subjects," "Grades," "Schools," and "Members" drop-down menus to view the subcategories.
  4. For the "Subjects" and "Grades" drop-down menus, Check or Uncheck boxes  to filter the list of Members. (The default selection for each category is all boxes checked.) 
  5. For the "Schools" and "Members" categories, select an individual School and Member Type from the drop-down to filter the list. 
  6. After you have selected the desired filters for your PLC, click "Apply."  The list of members will reflect your selections. 
  7. Remove any undesired Members from your PLC Group by Checking or Unchecking boxes  next to Members' names to customize this list further. 
  8. If necessary, you may revert the list of all of the Members you have selected by clicking "Reset."
  9. When ready, click "Create Group with Selected."  Enter the Group Name, Subject Area, Grade Level and Description. Set any desired Co-Teachers. Click "Create." 

In order to ensure that filtered results are accurate, teachers must list their subject and grade level on their profile. They can do this by following the steps here.