Quizzes How-To

Send Quizzes to your Students to assess their learning and identify content areas that need reinforcement. Expand the options below to find out what you can do with Quizzes.




Create a new Quiz

It's easy to get started creating Quizzes for your classes. Once you have created the Quiz, then you need to send the Quiz to your class so they can complete the Quiz. To get started, do the following:

  1. Select the “Quiz” tab located in the post bubble at the top of your Edmodo Homepage.
  2. Click “Create a Quiz” to create a new Quiz or follow the instructions if you are loading a previously created Quiz.
  3. Fill in the following details of your Quiz:
    • Time Limit - set a time limit for students to complete the Quiz, maximum time limit is 1440 minutes or 24 hours.
    • Description - complete the “About this Quiz” field on the right panel to describe the Quiz.
    • Results - check the box under “Quiz Options” to show students their Quiz results when they are finished, including the questions they got right and wrong. 
    • Random - check the box under “Quiz Options” to randomize questions for each student taking the Quiz.
  4. Select the question type from the Type drop-down. Choose from multiple choice, true/false, short answer, fill in the blank or matching. (You may also click the “Load First Question” link to the right to load a previously created question from your question bank.)
  5. Click the “+Add First Question” button and type in the question in the “Question Prompt” field. (Below you will see the option to attach any links or files to the question).
  6. Add responses. The response fields will vary depending on the type of question. (For Fill in the Blank use ‘_’(underscores) to specify where you would like a blank to appear in the question. Complete the response options and mark the correct one by selecting the “Set As Correct Answer” link.) By default, you have two response fields, if you want to add more, click the "Add Response" button below the second response field, to add more responses.
  7. Change the “Pointfield if you would like to weight the question (the question is automatically set to 1 point, but you can set it to a higher number to give it more weight. You cannot make a question be worth less than 1 point.)
  8. Select the “+button on the left side panel to add a new question. You can go back and edit questions, by selecting the question number from the left panel. Click the "Load" link next to the "+" button to load previously created questions.
  9. Select the question number in the left side panel and click the “Remove Question” button from the top right corner to delete a question.
  10. Drag and drop the question numbers on the left side panel to reorder the questions.
  11. Select the “Preview Quiz” link under the “Assign Quiz” button to preview the Quiz (just as a student would see it.)
  12. Select the "Print" link to print a hard copy of the Quiz that you can give to students to complete.
  13. Click the “Done” button at the top right corner of the page to post the Quiz.
  14. Fill out the following details of your Quiz:
    • Select a due date by clicking in the due date field and a due time.
    • Check Add to Gradebook to automatically add the quiz and your students’ scores to your Progress Book. If you forget this step you can add it later.
    • Choose to Send Now or Scheduled:
      • Send Now – will send the post immediately.
      • Send Later - will automatically send the post at the chosen time (make sure the timezone settings are the same for teachers and students.)
    • Include the Groups or Students that will take the Quiz in the Send To field. When assigning Quizzes to multiple Groups, please send it to each Group individually. That way, if you want to delete a Quiz from one Group, you can easily do so, and it will only be removed from that individual Group.
  15. Select “Send” to post the Quiz.

Note: If you send a Quiz to individual students, rather than the whole class, the results will not be added automatically to your Progress Book. You will have to navigate to the Quiz results in your Post Stream and then manually enter the grades into your Progress Book.



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Attach a picture or video to a Quiz

Inserting pictures or videos can be a great way to make rich quizzes. You can attach picture, video files, or links to quiz questions or individual answer choices. Once you are in the process of making a quiz or editing a quiz, you can attach a picture or video to a question or answer choice by:

  • Click on the grey "Attachment" icons in the bottom left of the question or answer choice box.
    • Click the "Library" icon  to attach a file from your Library. Make sure you have uploaded the file to your Library first.
    • Click the "Link" icon  to embed a link to a picture, video, or site. A link to a video or picture will open in the same screen. A link to a site will open in a new tab.


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Load a previously created Quiz

Once you have created a Quiz and it has posted to a group, it will be stored in Edmodo and you can easily distribute the same Quiz at any time to any of your groups.

To send a Previously Created Quiz:

  1. Select the “Quiz” tab located in the post bubble at the top of your Edmodo Homepage.
  2. Click the "Load From Collection" link.
  3. Click the specific Quiz you want to use from the list of Quizzes you have created in the past to assign the exact same Quiz.
  4. Click the “Edit” icon -  - to edit or add new questions or make changes if necessary.
  5. Specify the due date, and click the Add to Gradebook link if desired.
  6. Choose your recipients in the "Send to" field and click “Send” to post the Quiz to the group or student.

Note: If you delete the original Quiz post, the Quiz will no longer appear in your previously created Quiz list. If you delete a Quiz, it will also delete any associated student work and grades on your Progress Page.


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Post Quizzes from your Library

Quizzes that you create are automatically stored in the "My Quizzes" Folders in your Library. However, you can use the "Move" function on any Quiz to move it to another Folder, if you'd like.

Wherever the Quiz lives in your Library, you can easily assign it to any Group or student by using the "Assign" function:

  1. Locate the Quiz in your Library. By default, it will be in the "My Quizzes" Folder, unless you move it.
  2. Click the "down arrow"  to the right of a Quiz.
  3. Click "Assign."
  4. Fill out the necessary info and recipient, and click "Assign."

The Quiz will then be assigned via a Post to that recipient.



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Edit or Delete your Quiz

At this time if you’ve sent a Quiz to a Group, you cannot edit the Quiz for that group. You will need to delete the quiz and resend another edited version of the Quiz. Deleting a quiz post from a group will delete all associated student work and grades.

To delete:

  1. Hover over the Quiz post (find it by filtering by Quiz or view the original post in the Group), and click the post settings gear that appears in the top right corner of the post.
  2. Click the “Delete Post” icon - . This will delete the post from that Group's stream, but it will not delete the Quiz from your Quiz Library.
  3. Click OK in the pop up that appears warning you about deleting the Quiz post.
  4. Load the Quiz from your Collection, and make any edits before sending to the Group/Groups again.

Note: By deleting a Quiz, you will delete all Quiz results and scores submitted by students.


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Lock your Quiz after the due date

You can lock a Quiz to stop all students from taking the Quiz (such as after the due date). This will prevent any student that has access to the Quiz post from taking or viewing the Quiz. It can be unlocked at anytime (which will allow students to take the Quiz). To do this:

  1. Click the Filter Posts By button on the top right side of your Post Stream.
  2. Find the Quiz you want to lock and click on "Turned in."
  3. Click "Quiz Options" on the top-right of the page.
  4. Select “Lock Quiz."

If you only want to stop only specific students from taking a Quiz follow the steps below:

  1. Select the “Progress” icon on your top toolbar.
  2. Type a placeholder for students that will not take the Quiz (i.e: “A”= Absent, “E”=Excused, “N/A”= Not Applicable).

Note: This will prevent a student from turning in the Quiz and will not affect the grade, unless a numerical value is typed in the box.

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Hide your Quiz results after creating

When you create your Quiz, you can choose to hide the results of the Quiz so that Students cannot see the correct answers once they've completed their Quiz. If you did not do this during the Quiz creation, but decide you do want to hide the results later, you still can! To hide your Quiz results:

  1. Find the Quiz Post.
  2. Click the "Turned In" button to go to the Quiz Overview page.
  3. Click "Quiz Options" in the top right.
  4. Un-check the box for "Show results."

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Add your Quiz to the Progress Book

If, after you have created your Quiz, you would like to add the Quiz to your Progress book, and have that change reflected in your students’ grades in the Progress book, please follow these steps:

  1. Find the Quiz Post.
  2. Click the "Turned In" button to go to the Quiz Overview page.
  3. Click "Quiz Options" in the top right.
  4. Check the box for "Add to gradebook."

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Print your Quiz

Printing your Edmodo Quizzes is easy! You can print Quizzes while you are creating them, or after you have already created and posted them. This can be a great way to have students practice annotating questions, while still taking advantage of the features (like automatic grading) that taking quizzes online provides. To print a hard copy of a Quiz, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate the Quiz Post. Using the "Filter posts by" tool can be a good way to find your Quiz Post.
  2. Click the "Turned In" button on the Quiz Post. This will take you to the "Quiz Overview" page.
  3. Click "Quiz Options" at the top right.
  4. Click "Print Quiz." This will open a printable version in a new browser tab.
  5. Print the browser tab.

If you are in the process of creating a Quiz, click the "Print" icon near the top right, under the blue "Assign Quiz" button.

After you have already posted a Quiz: 

While creating a Quiz:

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Take a Quiz

Please share the following steps with your students to take an Edmodo Quiz:

  1. Log in to your Edmodo Account.
  2. Select the specific Group and find the Quiz Post. If you have a lot of posts, you might want to click the "Filter Posts By" link in the top right corner and filter by Quizzes.
  3. Click the “Take Quiz” button on the Quiz Post to take the Quiz. A page will appear with the name and details of the Quiz (description, time limit, etc.).
  4. Select the “Start Quiz
  5. Select or type the answer to the question, and select the “Next” arrow icon  at the top right of the Quiz to move on to the next question. Repeat until the Quiz is completed.
  6. View how many questions have been completed and the amount of time left to complete the Quiz at the top panel. Before submitting the Quiz, look at the left panel and make sure there is a check mark next to each question. If you skipped a question to go back to it later, look in the left panel to see which question does not have a check mark, and make sure to go back to those questions before turning in the Quiz.
  7. Click the “Submit Quiz” button at the top right corner once the Quiz is completed. A pop up box will appear asking, “Are you sure you want to end this Quiz?” Once you select “OK,” the Quiz will be submitted.
  8. Select the “View Results” link if your teacher chose to allow you to view your results immediately. By clicking this link, you will be able to review each question and see correct answers.

Note: If you leave the Quiz window during a Quiz, you can come back to it later and pick up where you left off. However, please note that the timer will continue to run once you start it, even when you do not have the Quiz window open. You can also take a Quiz using the Edmodo iPad app and the iPhone and Android apps.



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Retake a Quiz

If you want to give a student another chance to take a Quiz, you can delete their last result, and they can take the Quiz again.

To delete the grade and allow a Student to re-take a Quiz, the Teacher must:

  1. Navigate to the Quiz results by clicking on "Turned In" on the Quiz Post. Hint: choose "Filter posts by" Quizzes to find it faster.
  2. Click on the student name in the left side panel.
  3. Click Delete at the top, next to Graded. Click Yes to confirm.
  4. Let the Student know they can retake the Quiz! This will be the same for them as taking a quiz for the first time.

Note: This must be done from the Quiz Overview page and not the Progress page.

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Grade a Quiz

Once your students have submitted a Quiz, you can view their results and grade any questions that still need grading.

To grade a Quiz:

  1. View the Quiz post in your Group or on your main Post Stream.
  2. Click the “Turned In” button located on the Quiz post to view a list of all work that needs grading. (You will also receive an alert in your Notifications section any time a student turns in a Quiz.)
  3. You’ll automatically be taken to the Quiz Overview page, where you can see who has completed the Quiz, received high scores, and a pie chart that shows a collective breakdown of correct/incorrect answers for each Quiz question.
  4. Select a particular student’s name from the left side panel to review the responses on the Quiz. Grading the responses will differ based on the question/response type:
    • Multiple choice, Fill in the Blank, True/False - the questions will already be marked correct/incorrect based on which response you specified when creating the Quiz
    • Short Answer - you will need to read the response and mark the answer correct or incorrect. You may also mark short answers partially correct. To do this, mark the question correct, and signify the number of points earned in the space provided.
  5. Click in the "Comments" field in order to leave a comment. Anything you type in the Comments field will be saved automatically; you do not have to click a button to save your comment (this is different than an Assignment Comment).

Note: Your students' grades will automatically populate in your Progress Book. To view all students' grades on a Quiz, see here: View all Students' Grades on a Quiz. Quizzes that are assigned to individual students (not groups) will not appear in the Progress Book. As a workaround, you can view the results using the steps above, then manually add the grade to the Progress Page.


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See Quiz overview with all Students’ grades

If you want to see an overview of all of your students' grades on a Quiz, please follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Quiz post and click "Turned In."
  2. Click on the blue "All Submissions" link underneath the Quiz title.
  3. All of your students' grades on the Quiz will be displayed. A blue box around a student means one or more of the questions has not been graded.

Note: To grade an individual student's Quiz, click on their name in the student list on the left panel. You can sort this list by "Ungraded," "Graded," or "Not Turned In" by using the dropdown menu at the top of the list.

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Add Quizzes and grades to Progress book manually

While you can choose to add the Quizzes you create in Edmodo to the Progress Book, we know not all Quizzes will be Posted using Edmodo.

To add grades for Quizzes not posted through Edmodo, do the following:

  1. Select the “New Grade" button at the top left corner of the Progress Book page.
  2. Provide the title of the Quiz and the total number of points possible for that Quiz. If you are using non-numerical grade scales, you can input any number or letter here or leave it blank.
  3. Click "Create Grade."
  4. A new grade column will be added - it will be blank since the results don't come from Edmodo. You can add grades manually by clicking on the blank grade area for the student and typing in the grade.

Note: Quizzes sent to individual students must be added manually.

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Quiz Limitations

Teachers love using Quizzes in Edmodo classrooms, and for this reason, we’re working constantly to improve the Quiz feature. The following is a current list of Quiz Limitations at this time:

  • It is not currently possible to import Quiz questions from an external program; all Quizzes and Quiz questions must be created within Edmodo.
  • Once a Student starts a Quiz, it cannot be paused; when the allotted time runs out, the Quiz will no longer be accessible to the Student. Read the instructions on allowing students to retake a Quiz.
  • Once a Student has taken a Quiz, you can no longer edit that Quiz.
  • It’s not possible to print Quiz results at this time. It is possible, however, to print a copy of the Quiz.
  • Quiz grades are not currently visible on the Edmodo app for iPhone or iPad.
  • When a Quiz is assigned to an individual, the Quiz score will not automatically be added to the Progress Page. You’ll need to manually add this grade to the Progress Page.

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Share a Quiz with another teacher

Teachers love to share, and since Edmodo's early days, quiz sharing has been one of our most requested features. We're happy to announce that now you can share any of your Edmodo-created Quizzes (or Assignments) with other Teachers on Edmodo so that they too can use them with their students. Just another way Edmodo makes collaborating easy. 

To share a Quiz, just attach the Quiz from your Library to a Note! Any teacher recipient of the Note will be able to add the Quiz to their Library, then assign it to their students. Here's some more details:

  1. Click on "Note" at the top of your Post Stream to send a Note.
  2. Click the "Add from Library" icon.
  3. Select the Quiz and click "Attach to Post." To find your quiz, use the Search Bar or look in the "My Quizzes" folder. Quizzes you create will go to "My Quizzes" by default, unless you move them.
  4. Click "Send."

The Quiz will then be sent as an attachment. Teacher recipients can add the Quiz to their Library. Once the Quiz is in their Library, they can assign it to their students!

Here is more info on receiving a shared Quiz.

You can share Quizzes from within your Library, too. Just locate the Quiz in your Library, right click on it, and click "Attach to Note." Send your Note to the desired recipient to share the Quiz!

Note: If a Quiz is attached to a Note that is sent to students, students wont be able to do anything with the Quiz, as students cannot add Quizzes to their Backpacks.


Receiving the Quiz:


Previewing the Quiz:

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