Insights in the UK Videos

Here you can find some great videos to help you get started with Insights, troubleshoot some common problems, and learn more about the Reports that we offer Teachers.



Learn more about Edmodo Insights, powered by Cambridge University Press. A free micro-assessment tool built into Edmodo, Insights lets you regularly gauge student progress so you can quickly and easily personalize learning and close learning gaps.


You can use the Insights Reports page to easily view their performance on the objectives you assessed, see the exact questions and answers by student, and find out where your students could use more help on a class or individual level.


With just a few clicks, you can use Insights to generate a objectives-aligned formative assessment called a Snapshot that will provide a clear picture of your students’ mastery of English Language or Maths GCSE Key Stage 4 objectives.


Troubleshooting video to help teachers find their Insights App.