Getting the Most out of Edmodo for Your Organization

See this news story about how Edmodo for Organizations has benefitted SINADEP, a teacher's union in Mexico!

Edmodo for Organizations is a flexible tool designed to help organizations and teachers/members collaborate and share resources and ideas. Edmodo for Organizations can be used to facilitate professional development, organize conferences and events, and share information, resources, and ideas throughout your organization. Furthermore, it integrates with Teacher’s existing Edmodo accounts. Teachers can use the same teacher account they use every day with their students to participate in the premium Community that is set up when you subscribe to Edmodo for Orgs.

This one-pager outlines many of the different features in your premium Community. These features include customizing your landing page and community, a post stream for communicating information, folders for sharing resources, and the ability to manage your organization members. The Community centralizes communication and resource sharing for your organization.

Below are some best practices and ideas for making the most of your Edmodo for Organizations account:

Professional Development:

Organizing Professional Development within the premium Community is a common use case. Here are some tips to run effective PD:

  1. Use the Group Directory: The Group Directory makes it quick and easy to get members in the correct Groups. Administrators add Groups to the Directory in advance, and members can join them with one click. This makes it quick and easy to get in to the appropriate PD groups and PLCs.
  2. Share materials via your Library to ensure that key resources are available to everybody in the Community.
  3. Pin a post: The pin a post feature allows you to stick a message to the top of the Post Stream, ensuring everybody sees it. We recommend initially pinning a post which includes some resources about how to use the community and where your members need to go to get started.
  4. Poll members for feedback: Create a Poll in the Community to get feedback on the PD session.
  5. Add a logo: Make members feel at home by adding a logo through the Account Settings page of the community.

Resource Collaboration:

Edmodo for Orgs makes it easy to share and collaborate around resources and collaborate around resources within the Community.

  1. Share Resources: Folders of resources can be shared by admins and accessed by any Community members to ensure that valuable resources are available at all times.
  2. Spark conversations: Lead discussions based on lesson plans, teaching resources, and more. Post resources in the Community, and invite members to add the items to their Libraries and discuss them in the stream. Any item posted in the stream can be commented on by Community members, and added to their Libraries with just a click.
  3. Let members know they’re in the right place: Admins have the option to add messages to the organization's landing page and within the premium Community. This can be configured in the admin's account settings.
  4. Integrate with Office Online and Google Drive: Using Edmodo’s Office Online integration, all teachers can easily create Office Online documents from within Edmodo. These documents are automatically saved to the teacher’s Library for easy access and sharing. Teachers can also link their One Drive and Google Drive accounts to their Library.

Conferences and events:

Your premium Community is a great way to organize and collaborate during an event, conference, or gathering. Members can meet fellow participants, learn more about speakers and keynotes, and continue the discussion during and after the event. Here are some steps to make for a successful event:

  1. Discuss and share information: The post stream in the Community provides a space to share important info and resources, and keep conversation flowing during and after the event!
  2. Highlight Resources: Using your Library, you can upload relevant resources and make sure that members have access to them before, during, and after the event. Only admins are able to share content with the Community, giving them control over what is shared and when.
  3. Bring people together: The Members tab of the Community is a great place for members to make connections to one another. Once connected, teachers can message one another directly and share resources, making professional connections that can last a lifetime.

Customize your Community and Landing Page:

  • Customize your landing page: Admins have the option to add messages to their members the organization's landing page to add your their slogan, provide onboarding steps, and more.
  • Control your organization code: Admins can change their organization code in the organization's account setting, ensuring that only the organization members can access the community.
  • Brand your Community: Make sure to add your logo to your organization page also from the account settings. This will help your users know that they’re in the right place.

Edmodo for Orgs is an easy to use, flexible tool designed with input from dozens of NGOs, charities, unions, companies, and more that work directly with teachers. These are just some ways that you can use this tool with your members, many of who are likely on Edmodo! If you're interested in Edmodo for Orgs please visit and click "Empower Your Organization."