Log in with Google on a Subdomain Page

Logging in with Google is easy. Here are the steps to first link your Google account to your Edmodo account, then to log in to Edmodo using your Google credentials.

1. Authenticate with Google

  1. Go to your subdomain Edmodo landing page. For example: mydistrict.edmodo.com
  2. Click "Log in" in the top right, and then "Log in with Google." Then enter your Google credentials.


2. Link your Google account to your existing, or new, Edmodo account. 

  • If you used a non Google email address on your Edmodo account
    • Enter your Edmodo email address and password where it says "Connect to an existing account."
    • Click "Connect and Login."
  • If you want to create a new account
    • Under "Create Account" select the type of account you want to create.
    • Follow the instructions to create your account.
  • If you used your Google email address on your Edmodo account, we'll detect your account. Just enter your Edmodo password, and your Edmodo and Google accounts will be linked!

Your Google account will then be linked to your Edmodo account!


3. In the future, log in to Edmodo using your Google credentials.

  1. Go to your subdomain landing page to access Edmodo (e.g. mydistrict.edmodo.com).
  2. Click "Log in with Google."
  3. Enter your Google credentials, and you'll be logged in to the Edmodo account that you linked in the steps above!