Import Contacts (Teacher)

Connecting with Teachers you know on Edmodo is now even easier with our Contacts Importer! Import your email contact list in order to find your Teacher Contacts on Edmodo, and connect with them automatically. You can also invite any of your contacts who are not yet on Edmodo to create a Teacher Account. 

Import Contacts while Registering for a New Teacher Account:

As part of our new Teacher Registration process, you have the option to import your email contact list. After entering your Grade Level and Subject Area information, you will be given the option to import your contacts in order to automatically connect to Teachers you know on Edmodo!

If you would like to skip this step, simply click on the "Skip" button at any time to continue with the rest of the registration process.


Once you've allowed Edmodo to access your contacts, you will be directed to a separate screen. On this screen you will see the number of Teachers already on Edmodo that you have been automatically connected to. You will also see a list of your email contacts who are not yet on Edmodo. Select any Teachers you would like to invite to Edmodo and click "Send Invitations"

Note: These invitations are intended for other Teachers. You can invite parents and students through a separate process.

Import Contacts From an Existing Edmodo Account:

Existing teachers on Edmodo can import their email contacts as well! Importing your contacts into an existing Edmodo account will work in much the same way as described above. From the upper right hand side of your homepage click on the option to "Connect" with other teachers. You will be taken to a page within your Edmodo account that will allow you to follow the same process as new users in order to upload your address book, automatically connect to existing contacts on Edmodo, and invite new teachers to join.

Similar to the process for new teachers, you can select "Skip" at any time to halt this action. 


Note: By importing your address book you will automatically be connected to any email contacts that are already on Edmodo. You can always Remove a Connection if you so choose.