Receive a Shared Quiz (Teacher)

Edmodo allows teachers to share their Edmodo-created Quizzes with other teachers. As a recipient, you can add the Quiz to your Library, then assign it to your students!

If an Edmodo Quiz is shared with you, you will see the shared folder in the Group page it was shared to.



To add the Quiz to your Library:

  1. Open the Group the teacher shared their quiz to
  2. Click on Folders
  3. Click on the down arrowdown.pngto the right of the shared folder, then click Add to Library

To preview the Quiz:

  1. Add the Quiz to your Library
  2. Navigate to your Library library.png
  3. Click on the Quiz that you just added to your Library.  A pop up preview of the exam will appear and from here you can edit it and assign it directly to the class of your choice.

Once a Quiz is in your Library, you can load the quiz and assign it to your students.