Search For & Follow Hashtags

Hashtags are areas where you can connect and collaborate with other educators who have similar interests. It is a great way to explore all subject areas and topics on Edmodo.

To follow a new Topic:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your left-hand panel to see the section, Popular Hashtags
  2. Click on Explore Hashtags to view a list of topics available to follow on Edmodo
  3. From the pop-up, you'll see Topics you can Discover or Follow:
    • Discover: All topics and hashtags on Edmodo that you may be interested in and want to follow. To follow a new topic, simply click +Follow.
    • Following: The list of the hashtags that you are currently following
  4. Type any keywords of a specific topic or hashtag in the top search bar if the one you want is not listed

Note: To unfollow a topic or hashtag, simply navigate to your Following topics and select the green Following button. See more on how to unfollow a topic.


To unfollow a Topic: